Why Visit

As a professional marine economy expo in the Yangtze River Delta region, we will work with the Ningbo Municipal Government to build a marine economy industry innovation community and create a professional one-stop service platform for procurement and pre-technical exchange, we look forward to your visit


●  Regional Advantage

Standing on the new starting point of the 14th Five-Year Plan, Ningbo will link up with Zhoushan to build a maritime center city, benchmarking advanced cities such as London, UK, to achieve a bend in the road. Construction principle – integration of port, industry and city, from port to industry, from port to city, integration of port, industry and city to promote a new situation of comprehensive integrated development.


●  Precise Demand Positioning

Ocean Expo Ningbo is deeply integrated with famous marine economy related expositions under Informa Markets such as MARINTEC, TOC, SEA, SEATRADE, INTERMODAL to provide an exchange and trade platform for marine economic related industries in China and the Asia Pacific region. This year’s Expo will place an emphasis on the achievements of Ningbo and the Yangtze River Delta marine economic zone, and focus on fields of maritime shipping, ocean engineering equipment, shipbuilding and maintenance, port operation and maintenance, smart ocean, new marine materials, multimodal transport and marine fisheries, etc., aiming to showcase good products, advanced technology, as well as outstanding solutions and applications. Besides, the organizer will invite some renowned cities or ports both at home and abroad as the main guests to share good examples of integration of ports, industries and cities.


●  Connecting Global Resources

Whether you are a ship owner, ship manager, ship modification manager, maintenance manager, port/dock manager, or a manufacturer, supplier, distributor of maritime equipment, IT equipment, communication equipment, navigation equipment and other equipment; whether you are in fields of marine technology, marine new material design, research & development, manufacturing, or in Marine fisheries, technology, processing, cold chain warehousing, all can meet all kinds of partners here at the Ocean Expo Ningbo and seize more business opportunities.




– The Expo will invite a series of international exhibition enterprises in fields of maritime shipping, offshore engineering equipment, shipbuilding and maintenance, port operation and maintenance, smart ocean, and multimodal transport to showcase the world’s leading products, technologies and solutions.

– The Expo will invite some highly influential and well respected experts and entrepreneurs in the marine economy industry at home and abroad to deeply participate the activities. The supporting series of forums will be held over the same period to discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by the development of global ocean center cities, high-quality development of port-centered industries, management of port operation, the development of the shipbuilding industry in the Yangtze River Delta region, multimodal transport, and technological innovation of marine new materials from different perspectives, focusing on the important international trends.