Exhibits Category

Shipping & Offshore Smart Ocean
– Ship repair, design and build
– Ship accessories and mechanical equipment
– Ship desulfurization equipment, monitoring system
– Ship supply and trade
– Green shiptech
– Shipping and maritime services
– Marine engineering and equipment
– Ship inspection, classification society
– Marine operation system and software

– Ocean information, communications, navigation
– Ocean observation, monitoring, disaster warning technology
– Marine Data and Intelligent Applications
– Underwater cable and telecommunication technology
– Underwater robot and other underwater equipment

Smart Port New Marine Material
– Port authority
– Port operator
– Port handling machinery
– Smart warehousing solutions
– Port AI and data services
– Port communication
– Port facilities

– Marine steel (steel rebars and stainless steel)
– Marine nonferrous metals (titania, magnesia, alumina, copper, etc)
– Marine anti-corrosion, anti-fouling paint, sacrificial anode and related equipment manufacturing
– Marine concrete, high-strength buoyancy material
– Marine organic, inorganic and composite materials, functional materials
– Corrosion monitoring technology and equipment
– Material testing and analysis equipment

Shipping Logistics
– Sea-Rail intermodal transport, River-Sea intermodal transport
– Logistics information service platform
– Shipowner, shipping company
– Container, conversion/tank and special containers
– Oil, LNG, Gas, Bulk Cargo transportation, equipment and technology
– Shipping agency, Trading company, Freight forwarding company