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Ningbo, referred to as Yong, a sub-provincial city in Zhejiang province as well as a city specifically designated in the state plan, is approved as a critical port on China’s southeastern coast and as a south-wing economic hub in Yangtze River delta by the State Council. Situated in Eastern China, southeast coast and at the center of the continental coastline, as the south wing in Yangtze River delta, Ningbo is sheltered by the natural barrier of Zhoushan Islands in the east. As a typical water town & harbor city in southern Chinese, Ningbo serves as the southern end of China’s grand canal and the oriental port of departure of the “Maritime Silk Road”. With annual throughput coming first and the volume of containers ranking top three worldwide, Ningbo Zhoushan Port is a multi-purpose comprehensive deep-water harbor integrating of inland port, estuary port and harbor.


Informa Markets creates platforms for industries and specialist markets to trade, innovate and grow. Our portfolio is comprised of more than 550 international B2B events and brands in markets including Ocean, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Beauty, Infrastructure, Construction & Real Estate, Jewelry, Fashion & Apparel, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Advanced Manufacturing, and Health & Nutrition, among others. We provide customers and partners around the globe with opportunities to engage, experience and do business through face-to-face exhibitions, specialist digital content and actionable data solutions. As the world’s leading exhibitions organiser, we bring a diverse range of specialist markets to life, unlocking opportunities and helping them to thrive 365 days of the year.


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China ShipOwners’ Association (abbreviated as CSA) is a voluntary trade organization composed of owners, operators and managers of merchant ships engaged in waterway transportation and relevant shipping related entities, which are registered in the People’s Republic of China. 14 professional committees have been affiliated. It has been playing its roles in various aspects as follows: play the role of self-discipline of the industry, assist government agencies to regulate and maintain the market order of fair due attention to the hot, difficult and focal issues, carry out investigations, raise suggestions and recommendations to the government in the policy making for the development of shipping industry.actively take part in activities of international exchange and cooperation, and articulate the voice of Chinese shipowners to the international shipping circle.


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Ningbo Younage Exhibition Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. It is a professional exhibition enterprise with rich exhibition experience and innovative ability. The company is committed to providing a high-quality service platform for promoting industrial development and promoting business transactions.Over the past two decades, Younage Exhibition has launched more than 30 exhibitions, forums, and competitions in accordance with the needs and internal laws of industrial development in Ningbo, Zhejiang and even East China.



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OMA is voluntarily initiated by enterprises, scientific research institutions, universities and other organizations actively engaged in the research and development, production, application and service of marine materials and marine engineering equipment. The alliance takes the responsibility of building a platform for cooperation in marine materials science, production, academia, research and application, expanding marine materials R&D, application and promotion, and promoting the healthy development of marine materials industry. There are 105 members, with academicians such as Zhou Lian as the director of the academic committee and Mao Xinping as the chairman of the board. At this stage, there are 7 branches and several professional committees in the alliance.


BIMCO – the practical voice of shipping At BIMCO, our mission is to be at the forefront of global developments in shipping, providing expert knowledge and practical advice to safeguard and add value to our members’ businesses. Our vision is to be the chosen partner trusted to provide leadership to the global shipping industry. BIMCO is a membership-based non-governmental organisation with offices in Copenhagen, Singapore, Shanghai, Athens and London. Our members range from the largest shipowners in the world to small local port agents and law firms.



Shanghai Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SSNAME), was founded on Feb 25, 1951. At the present, SSNAME has 72 group members and over 5200 registered individual members. Over the years, SSNAME has been insisting on the reform and innovation practice. Thanks to its remarkable achievements in the aspects of academic exchange, decision-making consultancy, popularization of science, publication, international exchange and organization development etc., SSNAME has now become one of the Shanghai advanced society groups in science and technology sector.


Ningbo Institute of Oceanography was established in October 2015 as a second-class public institution. It is primarily under the leadership of Ningbo Municipal Government. To support the high-quality development of Ningbo marine economy, it runs as an application-based marine-tech research institution and a new-type government think tank. The institute is mainly engaged in 4 fields, including consultation on marine-economic development strategy and plan, research on marine high-tech industrialization, application of high-tech for marine environmental protection and training service of marine culture awareness. The institute is entrusted management to Ningbo Municipal Development and Reform Commission, supported by Ningbo University (NBU) and the Second Institute of Oceanography (SIO).


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International Bunker Industry Association 、Asian Lubricants Industry Association 、Asian Shipowners’ Association 、Logistics Alliance Germany 、Chinese Shipping Association of London 、Shanghai Association of Shipbuilding Industry 、Ningbo Association of Shipbuilding 、Zhejiang Shipowners’ Association 、Shanghai Shipowners’ Association 、Jiangsu Shipowners Association 、Dalian Shipowners’ Association 、Guangdong Shipowners’ Association 、Hainan Shipowners Crew Federation 、Qingdao Shipowner’ s Associatiohon 、Fujian Shipowners Association 、Fuzhou Shipowners’ Association 、Taizhou Shipowners’ Association 、Xiamen Shipowners’ Association 、Zhanjiang Shipowners’ Association 、Zhejiang Institute of Navigation 、Ningbo Institute of Navigation 、Shanghai Ports & Harbours Association 、Shanghai International Shipping Institute 、Shanghai International Shipping CenterDevelopment 、and Promotion Organization 、Ningbo Communications and Transportation Association 、Ningbo Shipping Logistics and NVOCC Association 、Ningbo International Freight Forwarders Association 、Ningbo Association of Shipping Enterprise 、Ningbo International Transport Association 、Ningbo Yinzhou Trade Federation 、Shipping Innovation Alliance 、Hangyanhui 、Fuzhou Shipowners’ Association 、Pingtan Shipowners’ Association 、Pingtan Comprehensive International Shipowners’ Association